To get you started on your own PING project I am giving a PCB away for free.

If you are a tinkerer that can solder and has some parts laying around this could be the first PING2550 board starting up outside my workspace. I will give you all the information and links to get you started on your project.


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A new PINOUT drawing is added to the download section.
You can download it in PDF format for full resolution on our download page. 

If you like the drawings then please share them with friends and link back to this page if possible.


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What is the PING2550 V1.2                                                   

The PING2550 development board is easy to use for every computer user. 
Because of the easy to follow instructions you can make a project right away. You can see it as a first step to start educating your children about software and electronics. Build your weekend project with your children or your own robot. The possibility are endless.

Be one of the first to own a PING2550 and start building.

What is the PING2550? 
- board size 24mm x 50mm or in inches <1" x 2" 
- Formed as an easy to use USB stick
- used a PIC18F with integrated USB support. 
- DIP shaped chip in socket that can be removed and soldered in your project pcb. 
- All conventional components for easy soldering. 
- Programmable with the Pinguino software.

*note: The PIC18F2550 is placed in a socket for easy removing.

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Connections overview of PING2550 (18F2550) in Pinguino IDE:

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PIC Pinout:

After looking at some PINOUT drawings for the Atmel family I searched the web for drawings of PIC pinout.
And after searching a few days no drawings with the same quality were found. That is when I start making my own drawing. 

Started with the PIC18F2550 because this is a favorite of mine.The Pinout is based upon drawings seen from Pighixxx for Atmel chips.

If you would like to have a drawing for another chip then please ask.

The full size PDF drawing can be found on the download page.