This option is made because of questions about payment. In Europe not everyone has a CreditCard.
As Kickstarter does not have other options of payment I setup this page. 

If you have no Creditcard for payment on Kickstarter then you can Pay by PayPal with this menu.

If you have any option to pay on Kickstarter then do not use this.


Please sent your delivery information to us by email. 

The best script to start with is Blink. This script is already loaded into the Ping2550.

We need to connect a led to PIN 6 also known as USERLED.

When plugging the Pinguino into the USB port it will start running the blink script. The LED will start blinking once every second. The LED will be off for 500ms and on for 500ms. congratulations. Your first project is working.

Open the Pinguino IDE and make the program as below. You can also select it under examples.

Blink a LED

void setup()

void loop()

This is a nice script to start experimenting with. Just start by changing the delay times to see what happens. It is an easy way of getting used to the Pinguino program and uploading. If you can not connect to PING2550 then check the Pinguino tutorial.

It is possible to shorten the script by using the toggle function. This will give less control on the ON and OFF time.

void setup()

void loop()